JA Day

JA Day

"JA Day" is a one-day presentation of Junior Achievement's programs. "JA Day" is a unique opportunity for JA to reach children a whole school at a time. By recruiting and training volunteers for this specific program, "JA Day" can reach every child of every grade level over the course of four hours.

This offers the volunteers a great opportunity to get involved with Junior Achievement without juggling schedule conflicts or long-term commitments.

"JA Day" was very well received last year by both volunteers and the schools. Volunteers enjoy the vast amount of energy that flows from the process, while the schools benefit from their entire student body learning economics through Junior Achievement programs. For more information about "JA in a Day", please contact Kaitlyn Smith at kaitlyn@jasouthflorida.org.

How it Works

  • Volunteer is recruited and trained
  • Teacher and volunteer schedule "JA Day" date
  • Volunteer teaches five lessons (25-45 minutes in length - depending on grade level)
  • Teacher remains in the classroom at all times to help with activities and maintain discipline

Program Themes

Kindergarten: Ourselves

Students are introduced to basic personal economic issues and the role individuals play as workers, consumers, and family members.

1st Grade: Our Families

Students learn about the role of families in the local economy, the jobs they have, and their economic needs and wants.

2nd Grade: Our Community

Students examine responsibilities and economic opportunities available to citizens within a community.

3rd Grade: Our City

Students conduct business operations, make city-planning decisions, and examine economic development issues.

4th Grade: Our Region

Students learn about state economics, the economic resources of regions, and decisions businesses must make

5th Grade: Our Nation

Students experience the concept of globalization of business in terms of high demand careers and the need for students to be entrepreneurial in their thinking.

6th Grade: JA Global Marketplace

Students examine world economic resources, learn about economic systems, and engage in global trade using international currencies.