Donation Opportunities

Memorials & Honoraria

Memorial contributions pay tribute to a departed friend, loved one or business associate; honorary contributions recognize a person for a special business event or personal occasion. An appropriate card will notify those who are honored or families of those remembered.

Donate Stock, Real Estate, or designate JA in your Will

Did you know you can donate financial instruments and real property to JA?
Did you know you can even designate Junior Achievement of South Florida, Inc. as a beneficiary in your Will?
Please contact us after consulting your attorney and/or tax advisor for specific details.

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Gift in Kind

Donate Gift-In-Kind Items/Services

Junior Achievement of South Florida always welcomes your donation of an item or service to be used in conjunction with a special event auction or raffle to raise funds. You may also donate items or services for JA to use in daily operations and/or in serving the children. There are many items and staples that we need everyday, like bottled water, soda or snacks for events and office supplies. If you have the ability to donate products or services toward helping us prepare our youth for the future, please contact us at your convenience.

If you are interested in making a Gift In Kind donation, please contact us.