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How much would you invest to ensure a successful workforce for the future? The Junior Achievement Internship Program is a four-week commitment during the summer where the high school student works 20-30 hours per week and is paid at least minimum wage.

One Summer Can Change A Student’s Future

Hire an Intern. Help contribute to a successful workforce.

Matching the right young adult to the right job, demographics, age, and experience levels are major factors. The work needs to be concrete and meaningful – both for the young adults, who need real experience, and for the companies, that need to see tangible benefits from their work. The jobs need to be sized to the young adult’s skill set and allowing for on-the-job training and higher expectations over time.

When holding your company to a higher standard, not only does it positively affect your company’s culture, but it can make an imprint on someone for their entire life. Students are adjusting their already busy schedules for the chance to learn much more about their fields. Consider students as enthusiastic diamonds in the rough, and your time together a chance to make a difference in the world.

A mentoring relationship is valuable for both the intern and the professional. The intern has the opportunity learn more about their field of choice from his or her experience. The mentor can pass on a wealth of experience and knowledge, and benefit from a student’s fresh viewpoint and new ways of thinking.

Why Hire JA-Trained Interns?

  • JA Career Bound/JA Fellows curriculum trains the student to excel in the key areas needed in today’s fast paced workforce.
  • Businesses can greatly benefit from the well trained Junior Achievement paid interns by utilizing their strengths and enthusiasm.
  • Young people have fresh ideas and tend to come up with innovative solutions to problems and have big ideas for projects.
  • Students bring cutting edge industry trends to businesses.
  • Interns are eager and energetic to learn and excel.
  • Additional manpower increases productivity.
  • Student interns inject energy into the office setting.
  • Interns make excellent full- time employees. Hiring interns gives businesses the opportunity to have an unlimited recruiting channel.
  • Companies participating in internships have an opportunity to tap into a young upcoming talent pool.
Who are the Interns?

JA students spend eight months learning the skills needed to succeed in today’s fast paced workforce. The JA Career Bound students learn:

  • Ethical Standards
  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Goal Setting

These amazing High School students are seeking opportunities that stimulate their interests and provide real-world experiences as well as developing interpersonal and professional expertise. Businesses will be able to impact the students and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation. Internships benefit the community by encouraging the student to be a vital part of the business world.

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