JA Career Bound

JA Career Bound is a cutting-edge, skills-building leadership program where high school students learn the skills necessary to succeed in today’s workforce.

Engaging Future Leaders Leaders

After an opening retreat, students meet once a month for program days focused on specific industries. The group visits some of South Florida’s premier businesses to learn firsthand about the career opportunities and what companies are looking for in future employees.

Students learn from top executives who share their journeys to success. At the end of the year, students will have the opportunity to put their skills into action by participating in various paid internships with job shadowing.

JA Career Bound Success

  • Session 1: Get Hired: Critical Thinking and Creativity
  • Session 2: Get Hired: Communication and Conflict-Management Skills
  • Session 3: Get Hired: Collaboration and Creativity
  • Session 4: Get Hired: Strong Soft Skills
  • Session 5: Know Your Work Priorities
  • Session 6: Know Who’s Hiring
  • Session 7: Know Your Personal Brand

JA Personal Finance

  • Session 1: Plan to Earn
  • Session 2: Saving for Life
  • Session 3: The Budget Game
  • Session 4: Credit Choices
  • Session 5: Savvy Consumer

JA Be Entrepreneurial

  • Session 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Session 2: What’s My Business?
  • Session 3: Who’s My Customer?
  • Session 4: What’s My Advantage?
  • Session 5: Competitive Advantages
  • Session 6: Ethics Are Good For Business
  • Session 7: The Business Plan

JA Excellence Through Ethics:

  • Session 1:Choose Your Professional Attitude
  • Session 2: You’re the Boss
  • Session 3: Ethics Under Pressure
  • Session 4: Balancing Profits and Safety
  • Session 5: Debt Management and Mismanagement
  • Session 6: Budget Benders
  • Session 7: What’s Wrong with That?
  • Session 8: The Customer Service Game
  • Session 9: Company Policies Into Action

Program Days are October 2020 to April 2021
Themes to be announced in near future.

Retreat: September 11th
October 16th
November 6th
December 11th
January 15th
February 5th
March 12th
April 16th
Graduation: May 14th

Sessions are scheduled one Friday a month from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

JA Career Bound has motivated me to one day start and manage my own personal business using the many tools and skills I learned while in the program. I am better prepared for today’s workforce! Program days, including my favorite visiting Celebrity Cruises, introduced us to career opportunities within the various industries.

Kaleb Saintil, 11th Grade

This has been made possible by support from the following Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward:  Peter J. and Mary C. Barbare Fund; Rick and Rita Case Fund; Frederick W. Jaqua Fund and Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund.

For more information about the JA Career Bound program, contact Jill Reipsa at (954) 979-7100 or [email protected].

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